Most children in Cyprus have their personal opinion of the latest fashion in Cyprus. Kids, usually from the age of four start choosing their clothes by themselves according to their personal opinion and its difficult to disagree with them. So, it’s better to be always informed around latest fashion to help with this way your personal taste to be similar with your child.

Here are some good advices to help dress up your child:

Be aware of your kid’s personality

It is very helpful to understand your child’s personal taste and choose clothes that make him or her feel nice to wear them. The first thing you should see it’s the comfort of your child and after the style and child’s fashion taste. Parents must not press their child’s to dress up with colored clothes of their own taste just to make them show unique. Each child has his or her own personality and each parent has to respect this. We have to let kids dress up the way they feel better no matter the age.

Hear child’s opinion

Kids today can easily decide of what they want so listening to them would be easier to choose clothes for them. Of course, when children ask for inappropriate clothes you don’t have to follow them but explain them with gentle way to pick up something else.

Don’t buy things for your kids without taking them with you

Avoid buying clothes or accessories for your kids alone. Take them with you, when its possible, having with this way the chance to hear their opinion, put them try on the clothes to make sure about the size and be assure if they like them or not before you buy them.

Learn about latest fashion trends for kid’s

Latest fashion trends are very easy to learn using fashion magazines, talking to other parents, watching fashion shows to the TV or search into the internet. Seeing what celebrity kids are wearing will also give you many ideas of the latest fashion trends.

Expensive clothes are not always the best

You don’t have to prefer always expensive clothes thinking that expensive is always better as that is not a standard for quality. Cheap clothes may be also good and comfortable for your kids. Children are keeping growing and it is not economical to keep buying expensive clothes all the time. Inexpensive but good quality clothing is a good solution.

Make the outfit look prettier with different accessories

Does the child look like he or she gets bored of wearing the same outfit too many times? Then an easy way of changing this and make them feel better is by adding accessories like colored scarves, belts and jewelers.

Make sure that shoes are also comfortable

Many times kids to show that they are cool and modern, wear uncomfortable shoes, like very high heels. This is not very pretty and comfortable for young kids. It’s better to help kids know how to choose shoes which match with their appearance. With this way they are going to feel much better.

Choose the right size for your child

Sizes are considered by the age which your child is but its better to do this by the height of the child as every child has different height at each age. Measure chest size and length also. Girl’s clothes are normally a bit more fitted, so the fitting needs to be done carefully.