Cyprus is a developed island with many shopping malls. Shopping in these malls is always a good bonding activity for family and friends.

Cyprus is one of the most rapidly developing islands in the world. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries are visiting our island for holidays as well as enjoying shopping amongst other activities. These malls have different kinds of shops like fashion stores, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, hairdressers, shoe stores, home furniture’s, bookshops e.t.c. All these malls become earners that give a boost to our economy.

Cyprus shopping malls will definitely fulfill all your shopping needs, from scouting for souvenirs to buying your personal items. They are transforming the whole shopping experience throughout the island.

There are many shopping malls in the island. The Mall of Nicosia, a major mall, quite impressive, designed on the lines of the big malls in the rest of the world. The New Shopping Mall in Limassol, MyMall, which is the biggest mall on the island with 150 retail outlets,17 cafes and restaurants and an ice skating ring. The Paphos Mall where you may find well known brands and international shopping chains.
Tourists, visitors as well as locals can enjoy shopping by visiting a variety of shops which cover the needs of the entire family. Shopping Malls are considered as a destination for a family outing. It is at par with the other local markets, maybe even better. These malls are a one-stop place for most of our daily needs. This saves a lot of time and also makes shopping more enjoyable.

The restaurants inside these malls are a good mix of fine dining and fast food houses. A family has the chance to taste many kinds of food and enjoy great bonding time together.

The developers of all these Malls in Cyprus have put their best to answer all the needs of their shoppers, even the most trivial. Whether Cypriots or tourists want a high end brand or a local product, they have it all here.
Cyprus Mall in Nicosia is off course fully air conditioned thus making shopping during the hot and stuffy summer months a breeze. You can also enjoy a favorite movie at the K-Cineplex which it’s also there. So if you get tired of shopping you can always catch the latest James Bond or Harry Potter movie!
Go on and visit a Cyprus Shopping Malls. You are worth it!