Shopping in Cyprus knowing where to go!

People very often have shopping problems, especially now with the economical crises they have the need to shop nice but cheap clothes, shoes, food or other items.

However, they find this very stressful if they don’t know what kind of shops they have to visit. This is because there are a number of people going to malls and gift shops and also getting things at a much expensive price than the bargain sale.

Because of this, here are some useful shopping tips that every consumer can use shopping in Cyprus.

There may be a lot of stores in Cyprus but it’s necessary to know which of them are cheaper. Usually shops which are placed in big avenues like Makariou, Agiou Andreou and Anexartisias in Limassol, Stasikratous and Athalassas in Nicosia are more expensive than other shops you can find in other smaller roads or neighborhoods.
Usually big central roads and avenues, gather more consumers and tourists and that’s why things they sell are more expensive.
Also in many villages things are more expensive than in towns because of tourists. Many tourists are visiting villages often so this is a big chance for village shop owners to earn some extra money.

A consumer must to be careful of what is buying and from where. Cyprus has many shops, stores, supermarkets where you can find million of products in low prices especially for families if you look carefully.
By doing these tips, you will save yourself from a very stressful shopping experience and save money also.

A shop guide will be very useful especially for foreigners!