Annual Sales in Cyprus

Each year on the island we have discounts on all products in the market. Discounts occur every summer and winter, usually every January and July.

Every year all the Cyprus shops, stores and supermarkets lower their prices in all their products and consumers have the chance to compare prices and choose what is most economical to them.

Shop and store owners are waiting anxiously for this time.

People have to organize their selves before going out for shopping. They must to be very careful of what they are buying. Here are some useful tips for economical shopping.

Consumers should not forget to check and compare prices and they need to shop according to their personal or family needs. They have to plan and write what they need before they go for shopping.

We can shop in moderation, not drifting from low prices and shop more than necessary. People have to compare prices and the quality of products.

Remember always that you can not change products which are on offer.

Consumers must be very careful when they are buying and paying things with visa cards. They must use them by putting some limits.

Don’t forget to ask for your receipt after shopping, you need it for checking out the things you bought.